Investment Property

When investing in property, some of the most important decisions are based around on going maintenance.

Vertical blinds are the most suitable when it comes to durability and versatility. They are cost effective, offer great block out and are well presented.

We sew weights into the base of the blind meaning there are no chains to tangle or break. In most instances, the blinds can be installed into the window recess. Roller blinds are another option for investments.  they look great, provide great block out and can be completely rolled away.  This is handy in kitchens when cooking near blinds. Venetian blinds work well in certain areas for investment properties.

Wet areas like bathrooms and toilets are usually up and out of the way and withstand tenant wear and tear.Its not the most versatile solution but works perfectly in select areas.

So, when considering investing in property… consider BLINDS FOR YOU!

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